About the conference

AusCERT2018: Building Resilience

In 2017 we united and stood together on infosec threats by trying new models for sharing information and collaborating between sectors. In 2018 we must build resilience by continuing to work together. We’ll be using new found ways to share threat intelligence and collaborate to devise innovative ways to build cyber security resilience within our workplaces and for the wider community.

Will a new technology solution emerge, such as advanced machine learning to defend against unknown unknowns? Or perhaps we’ll find a new way of looking at an old problem, such as blocking known threats. Maybe we’ll even solve the problem of building resilience in modern environments where traditional borders no longer exist, such as extended work forces using BYOD.

AusCERT2018 will explore these questions with you through world-class speakers, presentations and tutorials.

About AusCERT Conferences

The AusCERT Conference is the largest and oldest information security conference in Australia. Each year, we attract in the vicinity of 800 participants, approximately 50 sponsors and more than 50 speakers. The conference is held on Australia’s beautiful Gold Coast where the weather is fine and warm, even in winter.

The conference is a great opportunity to discuss IT security issues, network with industry peers, see the latest in IT security products and services, and enjoy 5-star accommodation, good food, wine and entertainment.