Alex Tilley
Dell SecureWorks
Alex Tilley currently serves as a senior security researcher within Dell SecureWorks' Counter Threat Unit Research Team. A highly awarded cybercrime researcher, Tilley was at the forefront of research and countermeasures when phishing and malware first began to attack banking platforms and their customers. He moved on to become a senior cybercrime technical analyst with the Australian Federal Police, where he focused his analytical approach on the "who" and "why" of cybercrime fighting. Tilley became a recognized technical expert at the Supreme Court level in the prosecution of cybercrime and child-protection related offenses before moving back to the private sector, where he now serves in his current role.  

Who's Who In A Cybercrime Gang

Ever wondered who does what in cybercrime? Alex will explain the makeup of a cyber crime organisation, who is behind those fake CEO payment emails and why law firms are being targeted by criminals looking to make a buck. A presentation that focuses on the “Who” rather than the technical details of cybercrime that will help defenders of all levels better understand the threat.