Andy Prow
Andy is the CEO and Co-Founder of RedShield Security, with staff and customers in New Zealand, Australia, USA and UK. On the tech-side he's a seasoned software developer, pen-tester and security researcher. On the business side Andy won the EY NZ Entrepreneur of the Year 2017 (Services Category), and RedShield won the NZ HiTech Awards 2017 for Most Innovative Software Product and Most Innovative Service.   KirkJackson_AndyProw_Hollywood_Hacking-at-AusCERT2018

Hollywood Hacking

The world is getting a skewed perspective on cyber security from some of the crazy hacking techniques used in Hollywood movies. We know these hacks are just dramatised fiction. But are they really? We dissect some of Hollywood's craziest cyber stunts, and reproduce for you in the real world. This will actually be a serious presentation on the commons threats, attacks and techniques used against individuals and corporates, demonstrating real techniques.