Fergus Brooks
National Practice Leader, Cyber Risk at Aon Australia
Fergus Brooks is the National Practice Leader, Cyber Risk at Aon Australia. With more than 23 years commercial and consulting experience in the information, communications and technology (ICT) sector, Fergus has a deep understanding of how cyber risk issues arise, and how best to mitigate them. His background includes consulting, solution architecture and sales with organisations whose clients have included some of the world’s largest customers of high-end network and computing solutions.

Cyber Risk Insurance and Logging Requirements for Forensics - Zak Siddiqui, Fergus Brooks
Talk - Thursday (Hinterland Room)

This talk focuses on reducing your brand and reputational risk by understanding how incident response works as part of your overall Cyber Risk Insurance strategy. It also discusses the best way to engage with the Risk and Audit Committee to work security into your organisations's overall Risk Management Strategy.