Kayne Naughton
Kayne is a technologist and the Managing Director at Cosive. He has previously been a Systems Administrator, a government Anti-Spam enforcer/botnet fighter, a bank threat intelligence manager and a penetration tester. He still keeps his tech skills sharp and spends most of his time overseeing Atraxium, a joint venture developing intelligence feedback tooling under a Department of Industry BRII grant.

It's Not Incident Response If You Don't Do Anything About It

GDPR and mandatory breach notification laws are highlighting the legal responsibilities that organisations have when they keep our data, but unfortunately, most organisations seem to view them as a compliance effort rather than a reason to think ethically and philosophically about what information they hold and why. In this keynote Kayne will explore both personal resilience and technical security resilience, and why we owe it to ourselves and our fellow humans to keep their data safe.