Kelly Shortridge
Kelly Shortridge is currently a Product Manager at SecurityScorecard, the security risk management platform. In her spare time, she researches applications of behavioral economics and behavioral game theory to information security, on which she’s spoken at conferences internationally, including Black Hat, Hacktivity, Troopers, and ZeroNights. Previously, Kelly was the Product Manager for cross-platform Detection capabilities at BAE Systems, within the Applied Intelligence division, and also co-founded a mobile monitoring and access control startup called IperLane, where she served as COO for almost two years. Prior to IperLane, Kelly was an investment banking analyst at Teneo Capital, responsible for coverage of the data security, intelligence and analytics sectors, advising clients on M&A and capital raising assignments. Kelly graduated from Vassar College with a B.A. in Economics and was awarded the Leo M. Prince Prize for Academic Achievement. In her spare time, she enjoys practicing Krav Maga, world-building, weight lifting, reading sci-fi novels, and playing open-world RPGs.

Paint by Numbers: Resilience in Security

What are the practices and metrics that security teams should consider when attempting to adopt the philosophy of resilience into their strategies? How can security teams start tracking the maintainability of their security programs to ensure enduring viability? I’ll explore how areas outside of security – such as DevOps, financial systems, and natural systems – test for and measure resilience to begin thinking about how security can do so as well. I’ll then discuss what technologies and methodologies security teams can adopt to improve their organization’s resilience. My goal will be to paint a picture of how a mature, resilience-led security program might look.