Kris Steadman
Queensland Police Service (QPS)
Detective Sergeant Kris STEADMAN has extensive experience working in law enforcement. The majority of Detective Sergeants STEADMAN’s service has been spent as an investigator with regional Criminal Investigation Branches and with the Protracted Drug Operations Unit. Detective Sergeant STEADMAN is currently a Senior Investigator/Team Leader with the Cyber and Identity Crime unit where he has overseen the investigation of numerous forms of financial and cybercrime resulting in successful prosecutions both in Queensland and Internationally.

TUTORIAL: Cybercrime scene management and evidence preservation (Half Day)

When a cyber breach occurs, the victim organisation may view it as a security issue or an event requiring investigation to recover the stolen data as well as identify and prosecute the person behind the attack. This is particularly relevant when the person behind the data breach is an internal employee or contractor.

In the event an investigation is undertaken to identify and prosecute a suspect, the investigation is subject to the same rules of evidence as any police investigation and the manner in which evidence is identified, secured and examined may be subject to intense legal scrutiny. There are many hazards in operating what is in effect a crime scene and this presentation will provide an understanding of the practical steps you can take to identify, secure and examine evidence.

This tutorial will discover many of the legal and investigative steps you will need to comply with including planning for an investigation, scene investigation, dealing with a suspect, evidence collection, preparation of evidence for a court hearing and how to prepare a referral to police for follow up investigation.