Michael McKinnon
Michael is the Practice Manager at HackLabs in Melbourne, where he manages a team of penetration testers, helping provide technical assurance and guidance to some of Australia's best-known brands.

Having served previously in a global role at AVG Technologies (acquired by AVAST) as Director of Security Awareness, Michael's international focus has returned to Melbourne, where he is passionate about making this city a shining success in the cyber security industry. With a deep technical background, Michael enjoys researching and writing about security on his personal blog. Interests include Cryptography, Risk Management, Business Management for Cybersecurity Resilience, Security Automation & DevSecOps, and the emerging risks related to Cryptocurrencies. Michael has also been a past member of the Steering Group Committee for the Australian Government's Stay Smart Online initiative.

TUTORIAL: Social Engineering - Practical Lessons from the Field

HackLabs will illustrate during our tutorial case studies from our field testing of HackLabs' Social Engineering Methodology. Examples in which we have video and audio will be presented of various techniques in action. As well as a hands on lab with some of the tools utilised during physical testing.

The tutorial will demonstrate how HackLabs have infiltrated and extracted the most sensitive information from organisations (whom have engaged HackLabs) around Australia.

The tutorial will delve into the mechanics of the attacks and how it was successful in exploiting the target. Techniques which will be illustrated to allow attendees to understand the methods used as well as the why they work at almost all organisations. These Include;

  • In-Person Elicitation Techniques
  • Physical Security Control Bypassing
  • Communication based attacks
  • How to build a Security Awareness Training Program

    For the common attack methods we will also present countermeasures which would have prevented all of the techniques from being successful. HackLabs will provide real work policies and controls that have been implemented to protect against these attacks which have been field proven in organisations.

    The tutorial will make use of printed material, presentations, live demonstrations and video footage of Social Engineering exercises being executed.

    This is a highlights collection from HackLabs - The Red Team - Training (