Nick Savvides
Nick Savvides is Symantec’s Chief Technology Officer (CTO) for the Pacific region. As the CTO, Nick is responsible for the portfolio strategy and innovation roadmap for Symantec within Australia, New Zealand and Japan. His charter is to provide local market insights that influence global strategic planning and product development. An information security expert, with approximately 20 years’ experience, Savvides has spent the last 10 years at Symantec in various technology and sales roles across Asia Pacific and Japan. He has presented at more than 60 conferences, contributed to many high profile panel discussions and regularly appears in the media on cyber security related topics. Prior to joining Symantec, Savvides worked for the University of Melbourne in various IT related roles. Most notably, Savvides managed the high performance computing technologies at the Centre of Excellence for Quantum Computing and was responsible for developing nuclear microprobe analysis tools. Savvides is an active member of the IT Security community and a member of a number of industry bodies. He is a Science graduate of The University of Melbourne majoring in Physics and Computer Science. NickSavvides_AusCERT2018-IoT_Enterprise_AUSCERT_SAVVIDES_01JUN18

The IoT Enterprise - Why Your Organisation Is Already IoT'd

The topic of Shadow IT is well understood, it rose to prominence with the growth of cloud services and ever increasing functionality offered. Unfortunately organisations now face another shadow, the Shadow IoT. IoT was once thought to one the domain of consumers and industrial control systems. This is no longer the case with IoT now entering the non-industrial corporate sector. Business units, project teams and others are instrument processes, systems and even employees at an unprecedented rate. These devices vary from the secure to the completely compromised by design. They often talk back to shady cloud services or have poor management abilities. An overview of the common prototype architectures used in Industrial and IoT ecosysems will be provided. This talk will examine the considerations for these newly connected systems. It will provide a framework for assessing new devices, detecting unsanctioned devices and detecting unexpected and unauthorised device communication. Examples with actionable tips will be provided and discussed.