Robert Thomson
Queensland Police Service (QPS)
Rob has been a police officer since 2008 and is currently an investigator within the Financial and Cyber Crime Group at Queensland police headquarters, Brisbane. Detective Thomson has worked in several policing districts across the state and has extensive experience in a variety of criminal investigations with a focus on cyber fraud and money laundering. Detective Thomson is currently completing a bachelor of Criminology and bachelor of Information Technology (Security) and utilises modern online techniques with traditional policing methodologies to investigate complex financial crime.

Darknet Investigations: The End Result of your Data Breach

With estimated worldwide earnings from cyber-crime now being over $1tn a year, and earnings from illicit/illegal online markets being estimated at $860bn a year by itself, it’s easy to see the motivation of why data breaches occur. But when a breach does occur, where does the data go? This presentation will use case studies of active and finalised criminal investigations show you where that data ends up, how much your data is worth, and how it is used by criminals. Detective’s Ben Johnson and Robert Thomson from the Queensland Police Financial and Cyber Crime Group will provide an insight into the end result of a data breach... how your data is converted into money by cyber-criminals.