William (Bill) Britton
California Polytechnic State University
William J. “Bill” Britton is the Vice President for Information Technology, Chief Information Officer (CIO) and Cybersecurity Center Director at California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo. As chief technologist, he’s responsible for managing the university’s information technology enterprise, while also building the Cybersecurity Center into a nationally-prominent education and research facility. Britton is responsible for developing and standing up the California Cybersecurity Training Complex (CCTC) and the Central Coast Cyber Forensics Lab (CCCFL). Both CCTC and CCCFL are joint efforts of Cal Poly, the California State University System in conjunction with multiple California Stake holder organizations.  

California Cybersecurity Institute

The California Cybersecurity Institute, a university’s response to workforce development, cybersecurity for the local community and state agencies. One university’s response to providing solutions for cybersecurity problems. How did we get here? -Cal Poly desire to develop a Cybersecurity Center -Strategic direction from President’s Advisory board and Engineering Advisory Board -Student Desire for knowledge -Law Enforcement need for assistance -California Military Department need and facilities