Alexi Chiotis
Mercury ISS
Alexi is an information security specialist with 6 years experience in the IT industry. As a web application developer and subsequent project manager, Alexi developed an eclectic mix of technical and business acumen that serves him well as a senior consultant within Mercury Information Security Services.

TUTORIAL: Docker for Cybersecurity professionals

Docker is still a relative unknown for most cybersecurity professionals or, in most cases, we don't have an opportunity to explore and understand the technology. The purpose of this class is to extend to the industry an opportunity to learn about docker, its security requirements & limitations as well as use cases for professionals.

The tutorial will occur over a 4 hour period and include:

1. an overview of docker
2. security considerations from a design & architecture standpoint
3. securely configuring the environment
4. use cases and practical exercises for offensive security practitioners
5. use cases and practical exercises for defensive security practitioners

Students will need to bring a laptop which they have administrative access to. Files and contents will be provided.