Mike Holm
Mike is the Operations Manager at AusCERT; which is a leading Cyber Emergency Response Team for Australia and provides information security advice to its members, including the higher education sector. He enjoys information security and technology, and he also enjoys "fixing things" whether that's a broken piece of tech or an entire business unit at work that needs a strong leader to realize the potential of each team member. Most importantly, he enjoys public speaking to spread awareness of information security topics.   201805_AusCERT18_Mike_Holm_25_Years_History 201805_AusCERT18_Mike_Holm_HowTo_Integrate_AusCERT_v0.2_Tutorial    

TUTORIAL (Afternoon) HOWTO: Integrating AusCERT into your Procedures (Half Day)

Join us for a session with AusCERT’s Operations Team for practical information on making the most of membership services within your organisation.
  • Understand the content of MSINs, how they apply to your organisation and the use of a risk-based approach to prioritise remediation or mute relevant alerts.
  • Set preferences and enable two factor authentication in the Member Portal.
  • Learn how to receive encrypted messages from AusCERT, and the types of breach data we typically send.
  • Understand the criticality levels for Security Bulletins and the Early Warning Service, to prioritise remediation efforts.
  • Integrate the Malicious URL Feed into your content filters, including retrieving your API key from the Member Portal.
  • MISP: Introduction and basic use in threat detection (Malware Information Sharing Platform).
  • How to share malware samples and incident information with AusCERT