Phil Cole
Phil currently manages security operations and incident response for the University of Queensland, as well as providing support to the AusCERT operations team. He has a diverse background, having previously worked as a Biomedical Engineer doing things like patient safety investigations, medical device management and working on medical IT systems.

Phil has also worked with a whole bunch of really smart human factors academics who did research into things such as safety critical systems in anesthesia, air traffic control, power generation and distribution system, as well as human computer interaction and usability studies. He likes to think some of this smartness rubbed off on him……however we’re not certain! ?

TUTORIAL (Morning): AusCERT Incident Response (Half Day)

In this tutorial we’ll explore the six phases of incident response: Preparation, Identification, Containment, Eradication, Recovery and Lessons Learned.

The focus of the tutorial is around the overall process of incident handling. Attendees will gain an insight into AusCERT’s and the University of Queensland’s own processes for effectively managing incidents. The topics covered will include best practices, the importance of communication during incidents and some practical tips for those in the thick of incident handling, however people from all levels are welcome. This tutorial is aimed at those who are just setting up their incident response capability, or those who have a capability but do not have significant experience in handling incidents.