Dr Vanessa Douglas-Savage
Dr. Vanessa Douglas-Savage is a consulting director at GWI who specialises in information privacy, security, and data exchange. Vanessa’s superpower is making the complex simple, and asking the right questions using data. As a consulting director, Vanessa helps clients to identify and meet their privacy obligations. She also helps organisations respond to privacy breaches and information security incidents in a pragmatic and considered manner. Facilitating information exchanges within and between organisations is another area of Vanessa’s expertise. Her recent work has included facilitating inter-organisational exchange agreements to protect vulnerable children. Prior to joining GWI, Vanessa worked with the Queensland Government Chief Information Office in their enterprise architecture and information security team. She also spent time at Queensland State Archives helping transform recordkeeping approaches for webpages and websites. Vanessa’s PhD explored how technology can be used to support knowledge management efforts, and reflects her passion to find better ways of using IT.